Why use autonomous robots?

"Autonomous robots are the solution to last-mile delivery"

Retailers have wrestled with the challenge of last-mile delivery for years. Now, autonomous robots are a realistic solution.

Whilst large distribution centres provide volume and scale, getting orders to customers both ‘on-demand’
and cost-effectively has become increasingly difficult.

Not only that, but current last-mile delivery solutions are also often seen as not ‘green’, unethical and expensive.

Customer opens robot lid to receive their delivery

By harnessing advanced technology, autonomy can unlock a lower cost per delivery – at last, a way to make last-mile delivery a viable and sustainable business model.

Companies can therefore use autonomous robots to deliver lower value orders over short distances – for example, from local stores to houses around the local neighbourhood.

And the industry is reflecting this trend. From those (like Starship Technologies) focussing on autonomous sidewalk delivery robots, to others planning larger, autonomous cars and vans for the road.

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