Delivery by Starship

Introducing Delivery-as-a-Service

Three Starship delivery robots lined up with orange Grubhub branded stickers on the side

Delivery by Starship is our innovative, delivery-as-a-service solution.

Many businesses are looking for a way to introduce or scale last-mile delivery, but costs and labour resource are often challenges they face.

Starship has the answer!

Using the delivery-as-a-service option, retailers and restaurants can now offer robot deliveries to customers, either to expand an existing delivery service, or introduce on-demand home delivery for the first time.

Delivery by Starship integrates directly into a partner’s website or mobile app – making robots part of their own fleet!

Robots are the solution to making last-mile viable. And whilst they might sound futuristic, Starship are already completing thousands of commercial deliveries every day. By expanding delivery capabilities, you can benefit from reaching new customers, expanded catchment areas and positioning your brand with innovative – and sustainable – retail solutions.

How does it work?

Delivery by Starship APIs allow partners to create delivery jobs, load robots, obtain status updates and handle delivery cancellations. Starship also provides partners with access to a full developer toolkit, documentation and support, making integration as simple as possible.

Once implemented, partners will be able display delivery ETAs on their website/app, assign a robot to an order, load the items and send the robot on its way to the customer.

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