Getting Started: Ordering a Starship Robot Delivery

Ordering food delivery by robot couldn’t be easier!

Starship delivery robots are a convenient way of getting your groceries and hot food orders delivered via autonomous robot. 

This isn’t about being lazy. We get it, you’re busy and ordering a robot food delivery for your meal or grocery shopping saves you the time of going to the shops yourself. 

Starship robots are also battery powered, so you are both reducing emissions and avoiding unnecessary car journeys in the process.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Over 50% of Starship customers said
they’d otherwise have driven to the shop

Starship Technologies survey, 2022/23

Placing a robot food delivery order:

1. Check here to see if our robots deliver in your area.

2. Download the Starship food delivery app for your mobile phone (available on iOS and Android)

3. Enter your delivery address/location

4. Browse your favourite merchants

5. Place an order

6. Track the Starship robot’s journey to you

Don’t forget to add a song for the robot to sing upon arrival, too! 🎶

Still have questions? Check out our handy FAQs here!