Hello Wellingborough!

What’s cool about Starship Deliveries?

They’re super-affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly. Starship deliveries reduce local traffic congestion and are much kinder to the environment than jumping in your car to collect groceries. In fact, the average battery-powered Starship delivery uses the same amount of energy it takes to boil just enough water for a single cup of tea.

Where do the robots operate?

Starship robots have made over 3.5 million deliveries worldwide, operating in the UK, US, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Estonia. Milton Keynes and Northampton have been enjoying Starship Deliveries for a number of years.

How do the robots travel safely and avoid obstacles?

The robots use a mix of computer vision and GPS to pinpoint their location to the nearest inch. They use cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radar, neural networks and other technology to avoid and move around obstacles they detect including pedestrians, cyclists, animals and other delivery robots.

Do the robots travel on roads or pavements?

The robots travel mainly on pavements, like pedestrians. They cross roads too: over 140,000 roads per day, globally – that’s 3 road crossings every second!

What happens if a robot breaks down?

The robot will come to a safe stop. As it only travels at 4mph and is very light, it can come to a safe stop very quickly without causing any surprise or harm to anyone in its surroundings. A member of the Starship team can then collect the robot.

How do you stop theft of robots and their contents?

Our robots are equipped with an alarm and are tracked to the nearest inch. The lid is locked and can only be opened by the customer via our mobile app. On journeys, the robots are monitored at all times, and if an incident occurs we can respond quickly.

Why won’t robots stop outside my house?

Robots learn as they go, and as the robots get to know Wellingborough they’ll find faster routes to an increasing number of homes. However, if your house is within our service area and robots keep missing your exact address, please try dropping a pin directly onto the map rather than entering your address manually.

Do you attend local events?

We love attending events, especially at schools to show children how the robots work and inspire them to learn programming and code. If you’d like us to attend a local event, just reach out to events@starship.co

Can I adopt a robot?

Unfortunately the robots are not up for adoption, but we do run regular robot merchandise giveaways. Robot socks, robot stickers, that kind of thing. Stay tuned for the next one via our Facebook group ‘Northamptonshire – Starship Deliveries’