Starship Expands Commitment to DEI with Launch of New Core Value

Starship Technologies, the world’s leading provider of autonomous delivery services, has today announced the launch of a new core value, confirming the company’s steadfast commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. 

The newest core value seeks to honor, acknowledge, and foster diversity within Starship while also ensuring all voices are heard and all our people feel supported and valued.

“In today’s world where people are crossing borders for education and work, it has never been more important to be inclusive and to prioritize equity as often as possible. At Starship we’ve also understood our responsibility to do this, and it’s not something that we treat lightly as we now have more than hundreds of people of all ages from more than 30 nationalities working in 5 different countries. Therefore, including a DEI focused core value was a natural step forward in stating both internally and externally that diversity, equity, and inclusion are all invaluable aspects for us at Starship,” commented Alastair Westgarth, CEO of Starship Technologies. 

Starship’s six core values are: “We learn with each journey,” “Data guides the way,” “We work as one team,” “We climb over curbs,” “We always deliver” and “We love that you are different, it makes us one of a kind.” Our shared values are the core beliefs and principles that drive business, shape culture and inspire employees at Starship.

Milestones of Starship’s DEI journey:


2021 Starship’s Global DEI Committee established. Global DEI Pulse survey dispersed and DEI policy was quickly defined and integrated into Starship’s culture. Global DEI Training went live for all People Leads.

2022 – Starship expands upon US Leave benefits to recognize the importance behind each employee’s individual power of choice for healthcare in response to Roe v. Wade.

DEI established community Slack channels to further incorporate support communities promoting inclusion. Mental Health support platforms were launched globally. 

2023 – DEI Core Value launched! Several DEI initiatives underway: Global Holiday and Community Awareness – learning and expanding on the voices and experiences of our minority groups here at Starship. Employee resource groups and more to come!

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Starship values image: We learn with each journey; Data guides the way; We work as one team; We love that you are different; We climb over curbs; We always deliver.