Sing to win Starship socks!

If you want a pair of snazzy limited-edition Starship socks, get ready to sing or lip-sync to your favourite ABBA track in our robot singalong competition! 🤖 🧦 🤣

How to win your socks:

Step 1
Next time you order, add a favourite ABBA track to your basket for free. Choose any ABBA song in the ‘Select Robot Music’ category available from any store. Mamma Mia or Waterloo?!

Step 2
When your robot arrives, unlock the lid to play your song. All you have to do is film yourself – or get someone to film you – singing or lip-synching and dancing with your robot!

Step 3
Share your vid in our Facebook group ‘MK – Starship Deliveries’. If you haven’t joined our group, just type ‘MK – Starship Deliveries’ into the Facebook search bar and click ‘Join’.

And that’s it!

If your post gets 15 likes or more, we’ll deliver a very special pair of socks to your door!


Love, Starship X