Humans and Robots Working Together for Our Planet

The celebration of Earth Day reminds us that we can all make better choices to create positive change for a planet in need. 

For Starship, it’s also a day to review our progress on our mission to reduce carbon emissions across the globe. Our battery-powered robots have now completed over 6 million deliveries and driven 8 million miles worldwide, providing customers an alternative to jumping in the car to get food or ordering traditional food delivery. In the UK alone, we’ve reduced CO2 emissions by 327,677kg – the equivalent to the carbon-capturing power of 383 acres of forest!*

Moreover, within the last year, we’ve rolled out the first wireless charging stations for delivery robots, leading to greater energy savings: our bots can now recharge onsite whenever they take a break, increasing their efficiency.

But our robots are not the only ones driving towards a greener tomorrow. The humans working behind our robots are also doing their bit for Mother Earth, including biking to work year-round like our Co-Founder, Ahti Heinla, supporting sustainability charities, driving electric vehicles, and even installing solar panels in their homes. Our team’s individual efforts reflect our shared commitment to sustainability and collectively reducing our carbon footprint.

We don’t just deliver food; we’re delivering on our promise to build a greener world through our robots and our dedicated team.


*Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator