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Are Starship robots safe for pedestrians?

Absolutely! The robots are low mass (approx. 80 lbs. without cargo), low speed (~4 mph/6.4kmh) devices that travel on sidewalks, using proprietary mapping, navigation and sophisticated obstacle avoidance technology.

Starship’s robots are equipped with twelve cameras, a sensor suite, radar, time-of-flight (TOF) capabilities, and are constantly monitored by a remote assistant. Robots are capable of identifying objects in their vicinity and  making the necessary course corrections to avoid them. When an object is adjacent to the robot, but not in front of it, the robot reduces its speed. When an object is in front of the robot, the robot will come to a complete stop.

Starship’s robots have now travelled over 6 million miles in 20 countries and over 100 cities, encountering more millions of people. They have completed over 4 million autonomous deliveries commercially and they cross more than 140,000 roads safely every day.

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