Earth Day

Our planet is crying out for cleaner air.

We all love shopping online, but with the rise of e-commerce, communities are seeing a rapid increase in delivery vans and mopeds on the streets. More traffic congestion means greater emissions, but in 2014 Starship invented a much cleaner solution: the world’s first delivery robot.

Our electrically powered robots help solve the problem of ‘last-mile delivery’, the final distance between vendor and customer, universally recognised as the most inefficient stretch of the supply chain. With our robots, we’re dramatically reducing energy usage and emissions, helping to decongest neighborhoods, towns and cities around the world.

For many of our customers, every Starship delivery means a car journey saved, and we’ve already saved tens of thousands of car journeys to date. So we’d like to take this opportunity today to thank you for joining us on our mission for cleaner air, healthier lungs and a happier Mother Earth!