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At Starship, we’re shaping the future of delivery.
As the global leader in autonomous delivery, our teams are
working on complex problems that no one else has solved before.

49 open positions in 23 locations

We’re ahead of the curve

We’re not just any company. We build and operate a global fleet of friendly, autonomous delivery robots. We’ve already completed millions of commercial deliveries and are constantly expanding our service to more locations and new partners.

In order to move to the next level of the company’s growth, we’re looking for exceptional people to join our team.

There’s never been a more exciting time to become a Starshipper!

We’re ahead of the curve


driven autonomously

13+ million


10+ million

kilometers driven

Our values

Working on problems that no one else in the world has solved before is an exciting place to be and it keeps us motivated.

Like our robots, the insights collected yesterday, make us smarter tomorrow. Whilst we love to succeed, we celebrate our missteps as an opportunity to improve.

Starship core values

Why Starship?

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    We are revolutionising on-demand delivery. That's why being everything but ordinary is our thing. We are the only ones using environmentally friendly delivery robots at scale, helping tens of thousands of customers every single day.

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    There’s never been a more exciting time to join us. We are growing rapidly and scaling fast. There’s lots to learn and many curbs to climb on the way, so we dare you to step outside of your comfort-zone and join us in our mission.

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    We love that you’re different; it makes us one of a kind. As the global leader in autonomous delivery, we are working across multiple time-zones and cultures making life at Starship an enriching experience.

Starship people

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  • Operations

    Our operational teams include three primary functions: on-site operations, remote monitoring & piloting of our robots, and customer support. Part of our operations is also ensuring that our robots are healthy and making sure any possible reliability issues are detected early on in the product life cycle. Our Support & Deployment team is responsible for providing in-depth technical support to our operators, handlers and partners. The team is also coordinating and planning how the robots are deployed at the right time and in the right places across all the countries we operate in.

    📍 USA, UK, Estonia

  • Data

    Our Data team empowers teams to make data-driven decisions, both on business and product development aspects. Data team provides tools and infrastructure for large-scale data processing and analytics, builds and maintains a number of predictive microservices, and guides the organization with data by carrying out analyses and building dashboards & reports.

    📍 Estonia

  • Autonomous Driving

    Autonomous driving in human spaces is at the heart of our robot, and is one of the widest and most interesting software engineering challenges today. The AD team develops the software to solve these probabilistic problems on the robot in real-time and without the internet. This has been developed into an over two million line code base handling many requirements of an autonomous vehicle, including but not limited to image recognition using deep learning, shape recognition and tracking plus path planning.

    📍 Estonia

  • Marketplace

    We are building our own marketplace which is a full blown e-commerce challenge. The marketplace handles the order flow end to end, starting from when the consumers make the order through our consumer application all the way to it being fulfilled by the merchants. Our marketplace consists of the e-commerce transactional engine including the payment integrations plus the frontend of consumers and merchants.

    📍 Finland, Estonia

  • Core Services

    Our Core Services team is building the time critical distributed systems and infrastructure that forms the backbone of our platform. Building the backend that powers a rapidly growing fleet of robots is a challenge unlike any other. Scalable near real-time backend applications, reliable infrastructure on top of the public cloud, containerized microservices, low latency network communication, handling live telemetry and streaming video, optimal routing decisions, connecting to autonomous Linux powered devices driving on sidewalks… just to name a few.

    📍 Finland, Estonia

  • Fleet

    Each of our sites has tens to hundreds of robots, and demand for even more orders at any given time. Our Fleet management solutions are matching the right robot with the right tasks to optimise delivery times and fulfil the ETA promises we’ve made to our consumers. Fleet Orchestration is very much a data science application evolving through continuous real life iterations.

    📍 Estonia

  • Operations Services

    When robots need a virtual helping hand, our remote operators can take control of the robots and solve the cases on the fly. Sometimes robots and merchants need a physical helping hand and hence we have local field operators, whose work is guided through the field assistant application that helps them solve the daily duties.

    📍 Estonia

  • Hardware Engineering

    Our hardware team is designing and building our robots. They are responsible for the electronics and mechanics of the robot, but also embedded software, operating system and communication layer of the robot, and the infrastructure around the robot.

    📍 Estonia

  • Manufacturing

    The Manufacturing team is working on the construction of robots and their accessories. This includes ordering components and enhancing the means of production, to improve the quality of the robots and make the production more efficient day by day.

    📍 Estonia

  • Product

    Our Product team is the integral link between our customers, teams, and robots. They make sure that our customers are delighted by our service, that our teams are empowered and have a clear roadmap, and that we are delivering everyday magic with our groundbreaking autonomous delivery robots.

    📍 Finland, Estonia

  • People Operations

    Great robots need great people! Our People Operations team is responsible for the whole employee lifecycle - everything from attracting the best talent to join Starship to making sure our people are happy, fulfilled and taken care of. Our HR, Facilities and IT teams work hand-in-hand to ensure our people have the tools, support and environment to perform at their best and enjoy their Starship journey.

    📍 Estonia, USA

  • Marketing

    Marketing gets to do the fun stuff with our robots. Spreading the message far and wide in all sorts of creative ways to gain lots of happy customers.

    📍 UK

  • Business Development

    Our Business Development team plays a key role for enabling Starship’s continued operation, growth and geographic expansion, as we are aiming to soon have thousands (if not millions) of robots around the world.

    📍 USA, UK

  • Finance

    Our finance team is an integral part of making sure that accounting is properly and timely performed but also ensuring financial stability and visibility into the financial future of Starship.

    📍 Estonia

Starship people

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    Our main offices are in Tallinn, Helsinki, London, Hamburg and San Francisco. We welcome talent from all over the world and offer relocation support to join us in one of our locations. We support flexible working, but currently require our employees to be based in one of our office locations or 20+ operational hubs.

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