Accessibility & Starship

Starship is passionate about using technology to improve lives and enhance communities. Accessibility is integral to our service, as we strive to make life easier for thousands of people with each and every delivery.

Our robots provide a welcome help to people with disabilities around the world. We work with leading organisations such as Disability Rights, Canine Companions for Independence and Age UK, MK to test and explore the ways our technology can be maximised to offer greater independence and choice. We also collaborate with experts and volunteers to improve our app, aiming for universal access.

Starship robots have safely travelled over 4 million miles, completed over 3.5 million deliveries and cross more than 140,000 streets every day. And as we partner with more neighbourhoods and communities, we look forward to working with them to enhance the quality of many more lives.


“I love the robots. When they first came I wasn’t 100% sure about them, but I’ve used them a lot. As I have an electric wheelchair, it’s significantly more convenient and a lot safer to have food come to me instead of having to waste battery going to get food.”
Kaitlyn Connolly – Student, NAU

Daniel Bingley

“As a wheelchair user, getting my food via Starship has been massively convenient. Life’s got easier since the robots arrived. Now they’re sponsoring my team, it’s given us a huge boost to get out and compete… We’ve got our sights set on Copenhagen and we’re training hard!”
Daniel Bingley – British Army Veteran & Sitting Bucks Volleyball Coach

“Independence through technology is one of the coolest things. By making the app more useable for everyone and user-friendly, you make it so more customers are willing to use your product.”
Sean Kugler – Accessibility Analyst, NAU

“I depend heavily on the screen-readers on my computer and VoiceOver on my phone. If the app is accessible to me, then anyone can use it.”
Dorianne Pollack – Disability Resource Specialist, NAU

“We introduced the pups slowly and worked up to opening the robot and walking beside it. They had absolutely no fear of it, and were quickly able to become confident and work around the robots with little to no distraction.”
Katie Carr – Pitt Student & Raiser, Canine Companions for Independence

“We engaged with Starship Technologies to be part of a new technology in Milton Keynes. Having shopping delivered to your door as an older person can be an essential lifeline.”
Harriet Opalinski – Strategic Development Manager, Age UK, Milton Keynes


We love ideas and we welcome questions. If you have any thoughts to help us increase access to our service, contact us at