Starship Robots – Your Local, Community Helpers

Starship’s self-driving robots are instantly recognisable and loved around the world.

The robot are advanced, autonomous devices that carry items, such as groceries, hot food or parcels, over short distances – and the design has evolved over the years, resulting in the clean, white robots you see today.

This ‘cute’ design also brings a certain kind of magic to the delivery experience – something which continues to grow to this day.

Safety & navigation

The robots are incredibly intelligent, with a suite of sensors, along with 12 cameras to enable each one to see where it’s going. They travel at ~4mph – similar to a fast pedestrian walking speed – and are inherently safe. The technology enables them to navigate around objects and people they may come across. 


Batteries provide an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solution to last mile delivery. This makes it good for the planet and your business. Each charge lasts a full day of deliveries before needing to be recharged.

Secure delivery

We’re always asked how we ensure that someone’s shopping isn’t stolen or tampered with. 

As well as the robots being relatively heavy to pick up or move, if someone tries to lift, tip or tamper with the robot, a loud alarm will sound, acting as a deterrent. 

Each robot is also GPS tracked to the nearest inch, whilst the lid is also locked throughout the delivery journey – protecting the items inside. This means it’s only able to be unlocked by the customer at the delivery destination, who can track the robot on their phone. 


The robots are deceptively large and can carry up to three bags of groceries.

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