Food delivery robots arrive in Turku city centre

Turku Osuuskauppa and Starship Technologies have signed a long-term cooperation agreement for robotic food delivery. Starship is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of autonomous delivery robots. Starship’s robots deliver groceries from stores to the address specified by the customer.

The robots will start delivering groceries this week, initially in the city centre, Linnafälti, Martti, Yliopistonmäki and Nummi areas of Turku.

“We are really excited about the new delivery robots. We are bringing a completely new kind of service to Turku, combining innovation, cutting-edge technology and environmental friendliness. Besides, the robots are really sympathetic, and when you see them go by, you’re bound to smile,” says Arttu Parkkinen, Group Manager of Turku Osuuskauppa.

The robot delivery can be ordered via the S-kaupat mobile app. Store staff pack the ordered purchases and load them onto the robot. The delivery can be monitored in real time via the app and the customer will also receive a notification on his or her phone when the order has arrived.

The lid on top of the robot is opened via the app. The robots deliver orders within a radius of about a couple of kilometres from the store and orders arrive within an hour of being placed. The products are collected from Sale stores in Turku city centre.

The robots use artificial intelligence to plan a suitable delivery route. The route follows pedestrian paths and the robot recognises potential obstacles, people and vehicles and knows how to operate in traffic. The robots drive autonomously 99% of the time, but humans monitor their actions and can take control at any time.

“Our robots are already busy making deliveries around Helsinki, and we are sure that Turku residents will also enjoy the speed and convenience of robot delivery. Robotic delivery is a great alternative to picking up your shopping by car, as our friendly, battery-powered robots also reduce air pollution locally,” says Sandra Sooläte, Business Development Manager at Starship.

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