Robot Handler, Redwood City, Silicon Valley Area

Starship Technologies, the company leading the delivery industry revolution with fleets of friendly sidewalk robots, is looking for Robot Handlers in the Bay Area as we expand operations throughout the Silicon Valley.

We are the leading company building autonomous robots designed to deliver parcels, groceries, and food in 15-30 minutes within a 2-3 mile radius.

We have entered commercial pilots with hundreds of robots rolling along the sidewalks across the United States and five countries in Europe.

Starship is now looking for Robot Handlers in the Bay Area as we begin to increase our footprint in the US and work alongside our many commercial partners. The Robot Handler will be responsible for running and operating the Robots throughout Silicon Valley on a day to day basis and report directly to the Head of Operations for Silicon Valley.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Accompany the robot on the street to monitor and record its performance
  • Answer questions / introduce the technology to the general public while accompanying the robot
  • Communicate with the remotely situated robot operator in real time
  • Transport the robot to locations & areas where deliveries are taking place
  • Ensure robots safety as it learns to navigate autonomously
  • Record social reactions and traffic situations, which generates important statistical data to improve the technology
  • Routinely perform required maintenance and general upkeep tasks for the robotic fleet
  • Complete various reports post-testing to provide critical data and feedback for our Engineering team
  • Represent the company in promotional, networking, and major media events which may take place locally or across the U.S.

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Excited to be part of something revolutionary and inspirational
  • Responsible, reliable and an overall fun person to be around
  • A proactive, self-starter who constantly seeks ways to contribute ideas and create value for the team
  • Articulate and comfortable talking to strangers on the street
  • Comfortable appearing in pictures and the media
  • A quick thinker with the ability to resolve non-standard situations
  • Able to walk and move around in any weather
  • Willing to travel


The perfect handler will possess:

  • A go-getter instinct who can quickly identify problems, propose solutions, and take the responsibility of implementing those solutions
  • A natural ability to thrive within fast-paced, team oriented environments
  • Good physical fitness
  • A keen interest in technology and how it can advance society over time
  • Photo and videography experience
  • Outgoing and approachable personality; a high degree of emotional intelligence (“EQ”)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Full-time or part-time, work in flexible shifts
  • 3-9-month employment
  • Work area: Redwood City, CA / SF Peninsula
  • Reports to Head of Operations Silicon Valley
  • Early application is encouraged

How to apply?

Please submit your applications by writing an e-mail to and adding “Silicon Valley Robot Handler” to the subject line.

If you want to learn more about us, visit or just google “Starship Technologies.” You can also find out more information on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Facebook: @Starshiptech
Twitter: @Starshiprobots
Instagram: @Starshiprobots