Robot Food & Grocery Delivery in Cambridge

Hello there, Cambridge 👋🏻👋🏻

We’re very excited to have started grocery delivery to Cambridge residents – using autonomous robots!

If you’re living in the Cherry Hinton area of Cambridge and/or live within 2 miles of the Cherry Hinton and Perne Road Co-op Food Stores, you can save time – and reduce car journeys – by getting your groceries delivered by Starship robot.

Once you place an order via the Starship Food Delivery app, a member of staff will pick your items and place them in a Starship robot. The robot will then set off to your delivery location. It really is that easy!

Whether you need some breakfast or lunch delivered, a mid-afternoon snack, or some top-up shopping, robots are waiting to deliver to you! You can even select a song for the robot to sing on arrival!

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Co-op Food member of staff outside Cambridge store scanning robot to place grocery delivery order inside

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Starship Food Delivery FAQs – Cambridge

Find out more about how you can get robot grocery delivery in Cambridge, with answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

What’s cool about Starship Deliveries?

Starship robots are an affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly way of getting your shopping delivered. Robot deliveries provide an alternative to residents needing t0 make short car journeys to/from local stores – reduce congestion on local roads in the process. Being battery-powered, they’re also more environmentally friendly than jumping in your car.

In fact, the average Starship delivery uses the same amount of energy it takes to boil just enough water for a single cup of tea.

How do the robots travel safely and avoid obstacles?

Starship robots use a combination of computer vision and GPS to calculate their exact location. They use their technology suite, including cameras, sensors and radar, to detect and avoid obstacles they may come across on their journeys, such as pedestrians and animals.

Do the robots travel on roads or pavements?

The robots travel mainly on pavements, like pedestrians. They cross roads, too – globally, our fleet of robots combined cross more than 140,000 roads per day – that’s approximately 3 road crossings every second!

What happens if a robot breaks down?

In the rare event that a robot breaks down, it will come to a safe stop. Starship robots only travel ~4mph and is very light, it can come to a safe stop quickly, without causing surprise or harm to pedestrians nearby. A member of the Starship team will then come to collect the robot as quickly as possible.

How do you stop theft of either Starship robots or their contents?

Not only are the robots are equipped with an alarm and are tracked to the nearest inch, the lid is also locked – and only able to be opened by the customer via our mobile app. Throughout their journeys, our robots are monitored at all times, so if an incident should occur, we can respond quickly.

Why won’t the robot stop outside my house?

Robots are constantly learning so, as they become more familiar with Cambridge, they become more efficient in navigating their way around the area. If your house is within our service area and robots don’t stop at the expected place, when setting the location, please try zooming in to the map and dropping a pin, instead of manually entering your address.

Will Starship attend local events?

We’d love to! We really enjoy attending events and getting to know the local community. In fact, we often visit schools to show children how the robots work and inspire them to learn computer programming and coding.

Please email us at if you have a local event that you’d like us to attend!


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