Aug 15, 2017 Tech Tuesday: Delivery robots are coming to Austin

A City Council vote last week could bring some unique changes to the streets of Austin.

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Aug 11, 2017 Robots, drones, oven-trucks: Takeout goes high tech The 1995 cyberthriller “The Net” wanted to establish that Sandra Bullock’s character, a loner hacker, had mastered the latest technology. So it had her do something wildly futuristic: order pizza over the Internet.
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Aug 10, 2017 Delivery robots heading to Mountain View Robots in Mountain View are already driving passengers, running security patrols and baking pizzas. But very soon, these automatons could also be delivering dinner, going on beer runs or picking up your dry cleaning. Read ›
Aug 10, 2017 Bring on the delivery robots, Austin City Council says Coming soon to an Austin sidewalk near you: delivery robots. The Austin City Council on Thursday unanimously approved a pilot program that will allow companies to use delivery robots throughout the city. Read ›
Aug 7, 2017 Why robots could soon replace your takeaway delivery guy Annoyed by waiting hours for your Saturday night takeaway? Just Eat might have the solution... Read ›
Aug 1, 2017 Just Eat's autonomous robot deliveries just surpassed 1,000 orders One of the biggest real world trials of autonomous robot deliveries globally is happening right now in London and has now hit a major delivery milestone. The trial takeaway deliveries by Just Eat in partnership with robotics firm Starship Technologies has seen a fleet of ten self-driving robots unleashed onto busy London streets this year. Read ›
Jul 31, 2017 Not just takeout anymore: Hospital eyes robots for medical deliveries You know all those robots delivering food across D.C.? A hospital is working with the same company, Starship Technologies, for its own applications of the technology. Read ›
Jul 26, 2017 Robots are already delivering people’s food in London – here’s how to summon one The Verge reports that deliveries are selected (based partially on location) – and users are informed via the app that the food will be arriving earlier than expected, via a delivery droid.   Read ›
Jul 11, 2017 Concord Approves Pilot Program For Delivery Robots Following a highly publicized release in the South Bay, a fleet of delivery robots will be rolling out — literally — in Concord. Read ›
Jun 23, 2017 FOOD DELIVERY GOES HIGH-TECH WITH PERSONAL ROBOTS When you open the door for your next pizza delivery, don’t be too surprised if you’re greeted by a robot. Read ›
Jun 15, 2017 Estonia is first in the EU to let cute delivery bots on sidewalks Starship Technologies' delivery bots have been dropping off lunches in Europe and the US with increasing regularity, and governments are slowly warming to the idea. State legislatures in Virginia and Idaho recently granted official permission for small delivery robots to operate on sidewalks, and now Estonia(!) has offered its approval as well. Read ›
Jun 12, 2017 Sadiq Khan outlines plans to transform UK capital into 'world's leading smart city' at London Tech Week 2017 A new tech innovation centre and a £1.6 million clean technology incubator are among the investments being made Read ›
Jun 7, 2017 Starship touches down at Logistics Manager Alongside two escorts, the robot, which is part of a trial with Hermes, arrived to collect a parcel which was then transported back to Hermes’ London depot. The technology is currently being tested in a number of locations in South London, including: Greenwich, Dulwich, Lewisham and Southwark. Read ›
Jun 6, 2017 Engineering relief for Peninsula drivers: Leaders of three Bay Area-based companies focus on getting cars off the road Delivery robots, ferries and a carpool smartphone application are among the strategies local startups are devising to reduce the number of hours Peninsula drivers spend on the road. Read ›
May 31, 2017 Tesco completes its first UK robot grocery delivery
Starship Technologies claim to make local deliveries faster, smarter and more cost-efficient
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