Starship Technologies is developing the future of delivery – self-driving robots that will bring goods to people all around the world.

We’re looking for operators who oversee robots on a daily basis and are willing to contribute to the creation of something that changes the very idea of how people think of deliveries.

We are creating 99% autonomous robots, which means we outsource the difficult decisions to humans who are able to solve different social and traffic situations.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Map out navigation paths
  • Communicate with the robot handler
  • Navigate the robot in a safe and sensible manner
  • Determine if the robot is behaving as expected
  • Log and report any issues to relevant teams
  • Manage test issues and incidents on-site

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Excited to be part of something totally new and inspirational
  • Responsible, reliable and calm under pressure
  • Careful and diligent with attention to detail
  • A quick thinker with the ability to resolve non-standard situations from a distance
  • Able and willing to spend hours in front of a screen
  • Able and willing to work outside traditional working hours in shifts
  • Ready to work in a team on a daily basis

The perfect operator will possess:

  • A keen interest in technology and its advancement in society
  • A good mental and physical discipline to stay alert and responsive in front of a screen for several hours at a time
  • A testing mindset – ability to see issues and suggest improvements to tools and processes
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English
  • Technical IT skills are not necessary to be successful

Job specifics:

  • Flexible working hours with hourly pay
  • Possibility to work nightly shifts
  • Full time, part time options available
  • Location, Tallinn, Estonia

How to apply?

Please send your resume and application to