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Autonomous robots for industry 4.0

We build robots that autonomously transport goods from A to B. The robots are available to employees anytime and anywhere. They can be loaded with internal mail, spare parts, samples and other goods. After the goods have been placed inside, the robots are simply sent to the desired location by use of a smartphone, tablet or PC. Once the goods have arrived at their destination, the recipient is automatically notified and can conveniently open the robot using a security code. The robot unlocks and the goods can be removed. This way the challenging and expensive distances that employees walk every day on your company premises are suddenly handled easily and efficiently. Our robots are already in use on various industrial sites of DAX-listed companies.

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The delivery

We offer a browser-based platform which allows your employees to load and unload the robots using any computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone. Each step in the delivery process is simple, convenient and secure. Both sender and receiver can track the progress in real time and the robots cargo bay stays locked throughout the entire drive. It can only be opened by the receiver once it arrives at the destination.


What happens when paths are blocked?
Our robots are 99% autonomous. Thanks to state-of-the-art sensors, they can independently navigate curbs and intersections. When a robot needs assistance it can be operated from our control center until it is able to resume its autonomous route. This means sudden construction sites, incorrectly parked cars, or other objects blocking the sidewalk are not insurmountable obstacles to our robots. Thanks to this approach, our robots can reliably deliver at all times.

What can be transported?

Our robots can transport almost almost anything that a person can carry. An urgent package needs to be sent from the mailroom to a department at the other end of the plant? No problem, one of our robots takes care of it. Our robots are already used to deliver spare parts, office equipment, internal mail etc. They even deliver chemical samples thanks to specially developed inserts and corresponding declarations on the robot. The robot´s transport compartment measures 400 x 340 x 305 mm. Of course, several items can be delivered at once. Each robot can carry a load of up to 15 kilograms. On request, we also provide an insulating insert so that temperature-sensitive goods arrive safely.

What makes the robot so safe?
Our robots have different sensors that combine to form an invisible bubble. These include stereo cameras, TOF cameras, distance sensors, radars and an alarm system. In addition, they are easily visible, even in poor lighting conditions, thanks to various LEDs, the signal flag and light reflectors. Another great advantage of our service is that we have access to the robots at any time and are available to assist you by phone during the entire service period.

The delivery robot


Technical details

Maximum load
15 kg
Maximum speed
6 km/h
Robot dimensions
697 (L) x 569 (W) x 571 (H) mm (without flag)
Cargo box dimensions
400 (L) x 320 (W) x 340 (H) mm
Total weight
25 kg
Operating time
1260 Wh Battery for over 12 hours of driving time
Safety features
ultrasonic sensors, 10 cameras, radar, GPS, alarm system, reflectors, signal flag, TOF cameras



Our services

What we offer you is a carefree package. Through experience on other company sites, we can help to quickly and effectively meet your needs. Therefore, we not only offer smart deliveries by robot, but also handle the entire customer service for you. Should there be any questions or suggestions from your employees we will take care of it. Our friendly multilingual customer service staff is always available within seconds. Together with you, we develop new applications and train your employees to always be up to date.



Process development
Experience has shown us that there is often more demand for internal transport than is initially assumed. So it can happen that you start with the spare parts department and suddenly the mailroom wants to use the robots as well. This has often led to a lively growth process in which more and more departments participate and benefit from the robotic service. We help you to track down this growth potential and develop new applications. It is important to us to successfully deliver even difficult cargo. We have built various devices and transport boxes especially for this purpose, e.g. to transport chemical samples or bulky materials like license plates. We have often worked with prototypes in order to quickly test new applications and standardize them only once they turn out to be useful.


Customer service
Should there be any questions or concerns regarding a delivery, our friendly customer service is there for your employees. Our customer service can be reached easily by email or phone. We are always available when the robot service is in use at your facility, so you can be sure that you will get the support you need. This means that the customer service and support is completely taken care of by us and you can use the service in a relaxed manner. If there are any questions, we are there for you. All departments that use the robots are trained and have direct access to our personal customer service.



Individual needs
As a young and innovative company, it is very important for us to always see new challenges as an opportunity for growth. What this means for you: Do you have sensitive transport goods that require a special template for transport? We will look for a solution with you. We have already successfully developed individual transport boxes with partners, found solutions to avoid temperature fluctuations, worked with hazardous material declarations and are currently working with a partner on an automatic robot loading system.



Before our robots can drive autonomously, it is necessary that they learn the routes they are allowed to use. For this purpose one of our employees manually drives the robot through the delivery area. Then the map data is processed by us. Afterwards, all robots can drive autonomously in the mapped area. This so-called “mapping” also enables us to react quickly to new situations. For example, we can close roads for a certain period of time to react to constructions or road works. Robots then take an alternative route for the specified time period. Our algorithm for route planning is based on many variables such as speed, distance and safety, with safety always having the highest priority when choosing the route.


Before we start the autonomous robot deliveries in cooperation with you, all involved employees are personally trained by us. We make them familiar with the hardware and show them step-by-step how to create and receive deliveries and interact with robots. Should there be any changes in the service, we will of course bring your employees up to date. In case any problems arise, our customer service will be there to help you right away.


Your advantages

The last mile is a great challenge for most other logistics companies. Even on large company premises, this route can quickly become an expensive obstacle. This is where our robots can help. They form an efficient and environmentally friendly network to cover this distance. Far-flung factory halls move closer together with the delivery robots, and the work of the employees is considerably simplified. Thanks to the latest sensor technology, the robots are safe and attract attention even in poor lighting conditions with their sophisticated LED technology. Even curbs up to 15 centimeters high can be navigated with ease thanks to independently actuated center wheels. By utilizing this smart and innovative technology, your company will become a pioneer in the field of digitalization, reduce its carbon footprint and relieve the burden on its employees so that they can put their expertise back to work on the important things.


Contactless delivery

By using our robots as delivery vehicles for the last mile, the contamination of goods with foreign substances is minimized. Our deliveries are completely contactless, which minimizes the risk of spreading infectious diseases such as Covid-19. You can protect your employees and improve the overall productivity at the same time.

Green technology
Everyone talks about climate change but no one takes action. With our robots, your company is using a climate-friendly method and becomes a role model in terms of CO2 neutrality. With our service, we offer you a green and clever alternative to conventional delivery methods. Our robots neither produce climate-damaging greenhouse gases nor do they generate noise pollution. Our delivery robots are electrically powered and rely on energy-efficient lithium-ion batteries. A conventional transporter emits an average of 181 grams of CO2 emissions per delivery. In contrast, our robots deliver emission-free.


Questions and answers about the robot


Is the robot locked while driving?
Yes, all robots are locked while driving. After the sender has loaded the cargo and confirmed the delivery, the lid of the robot is closed and securely locked. When the robot has arrived at its destination, only the recipient can open the robot via an individual link.

Can it be ensured that the robot does not drive into dangerous areas?
This can be easily ensured. Hazardous areas are discussed with plant security at the first appointment and marked on the robot’s navigation map.

Can the robot drive into an elevator and deliver directly to my office?
Technically this would be possible. To do so, the elevators would have to be state of the art and have a communication protocol that can be used to interact with the Starship robot.

The robot has several cameras, to what extent is data protection guaranteed?
The camera image is pixelated from knee height, thus ensuring the privacy of the employees. The data will be deleted from our European servers after 48 hours at the latest, unless the recordings are used to analyze accidents or errors.

Can the robot drive in poor weather conditions?
The robots were developed in Estonia and tested for functionality in different weather conditions. So far, the Starship robots have been able to drive in almost any weather.

Can the robot transport hazardous materials?
Yes, the robot can transport hazardous materials. Depending on the substance, hazard symbols must be attached to the robot visibly from the outside. The symbols can be removed from a bag inside the robot and attached to the magnetic strip tape on the robot body.

Can the loading space be adapted to transport different products?
Yes, depending on the customer, either a separate transport box is used, which can be divided in different ways, or the standard Starship cooling bag, which can be divided into two areas by a partition.

Can the robot transport cooled products?
Yes, the robot is equipped with an insulated bag and can be filled with cool packs or dry ice if required.

Can the robot’s internal temperature be measured?
Yes, we have the ability to install temperature loggers in the robot, which can either show the temperature directly to the transmitter on the robot or send an email notification when a certain temperature is exceeded.



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